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Breed(s) Beagle
Sex Female
Birthday January 01, 1999
Adoption Date July 01, 2008
Personality Clever, mischievous, lively, naughty, antagonistic, friendly and very, very snuggly.
Likes Eating, eating, eating, the off-leash park and burrowing under the covers.
Dislikes Being disrupted while sleeping.
Breed(s) Great Dane
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Anything that squeaks
Birthday November 07, 2006
Adoption Date November 08, 2008
Personality Lily lives up to her name: Lily the love bug. She is a funny girl. She LOVES people and LOVES to sit on your lap. She lives with Wobbler's Syndrome, but her wobbly walk just adds to her sweet personality. This is my amazing girl...and she really is amazing!
Likes Lily LOVES squirrels. I don't think she understands why they want to run from her when she just wants to lick them all over! ;) She also loves car rides and TREATS. She even knows how to spell treat! :)
Dislikes Lily LOATHES vacuum cleaners.
Breed(s) Golden Retriever/ Chow Chow/ Australian Shepard
Sex Female
Adoption Date August 09, 2011
Personality Very sweet, and obedient! she will sit on command in .5 seconds! as well as lay down! she drops to the ground as soon as you say "lay down". Every body absolutely falls in love with her when they see her. She is 4 years old but has a full puppy face. its adorable. she would never hurt a soul. She has a very unique face and body and she would be perfect for the cover.
Likes to play with my other golden retriever, do tricks, get treats, run, and LOVESSS to ride in the car
Dislikes nothing!
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