Breed(s) German Shepherd Dog
Sex Female
Favorite Toy Pink! Hurley (for now)
Birthday April 26, 2010
Adoption Date August 01, 2010
Personality Fearless, playful, happy, loving, loves to give kisses, whistles to communicate. Desperately wants to make friends with the 17 year-old kitty in the house.
Likes Nomming on fresh fruits and veggies, walks, playing chase, car rides, sharing the couch or bed with mom and dad, visiting Woodinville wineries.
Dislikes Allergies. I seem to have a few. I don't like chicken, beef, or buffalo (raw or kibble) - they make me itchy. Orijen and Canidae kibble upset my tummy. I am currently checking out Avoderm Lamb Meal & Brown Rice.


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